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This Internet thing

I have been doing my first contract job designing a website for a mining equipment supplier around Lismore. The fellow for whom I am working is particularly strong headed about what he wants on his website, which is essentially all the bells and whistles that are possible. Being new to the game of interacting with clients and managing their expectations, I have essentially tried to give him everything he wanted. Somehow, of his own accord he cottoned onto the fact that what he was getting was unlikely to be indexed well in the search engines. He confronted me about this and lambasted me about not telling him this fact. (Update 2011: In my defense you have to remember that Google was in its early days, and search engines were basically useless.) He demanded that I explain to him about how search engines work. I happily indulged him, being personally interested in the field. When I came to Google and started explaining how the Page Rank algorithm worked my client got very agitated and angry. He finished our discussion with what has become one of my favorite outbursts, ‘Well if that is how it works, this Internet thing will never last’.