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Triple M Rocks

I was riding the bus this morning reading my book, when I heard a young and slightly disabled boy begin yelling at another passenger.

“Get away from me, I only like people my own age.”

He was glaring at an old lady who had seated herself in front of him. He got up and moved to a seat across the aisle. Unfortunately there were other pensioners embarking at this particular bus stop. When an old man sat behind him leaped into the air and yelled.

“What did I just say! I only like people my own age”

He came to the back of the bus and sat in the seat across from me and then finished his commentary.

“I only like people my own age, with all their hair, who listen to triple M”

He repeated this statement several times and then settled down to listen to his radio. His only other outburst throughout the journey was to announce to all and sundry

“Triple M Rocks!!”

Perhaps it does