Pasta Party

I found myself in the midst of a party I was throwing in an apartment I had just bought. It was full of people, although I’m not entirely certain I knew any of them.

After the party had warmed up a little someone put on a Massive Attack CD. The song began with a simple but enticing kick drum pattern. Someone turned the lights off and the crowd of party goers all stood swaying to the rhythm.

The song built up slowly and gently until it reached a point of tension and exploded into complex rhythms, the apartment full of people went wild. The dancing carried on in a frenzy until one by one people fell back into their seats in exhaustion.

In the lull after the song ended two of the guests appeared from the kitchen with a large bowl of pasta and grated carrot. One of them sat down and the other tipped it all into his lap. He then began eating mouthfuls of the mixture out of his friend’s lap. The seated guest laughed throughout the process and then threw up a half digested stream of pasta onto the back of the head buried in his lap. We all found this rather amusing.

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