Zombie Flick

In the early hours of the morning I woke up a little distressed because of the fact that I had been inside a recurrent zombie movie. I was living in a tall thin terrace house with high ceilings and a kitchen in a basement at the back of the house. There were a set of rickety wooden stairs leading down from the living room into the kitchen.

In the first recurrence of the dream I was walking down the stairs into the dark kitchen. I became aware of something down there so I went back upstairs and got a torch. I ventured back down the stairs shining the torch around the room until it fell onto the face of a large zombie standing in one corner. It spoke to me in a slow lumbering voice, it may even have said hello. I started backing up the stairs when a hand reached through the steps and grabbed my ankle. The zombie below the stairs wrenched me through the steps, shattering them into little pieces. I was devoured by a faceless collection of zombies in the dark.

The dream restarted with me at the top of the stairs, except I was now aware of what lurked in the shadows of the kitchen. I was also aware of details about how the zombies had come to be there, because even though I was in the dream I was also an observer, watching it like a film.

The zombies were large, mostly humanoid and inanely stupid. They were in the kitchen because they had been told that food can be found in the kitchen. I saw a short video clip showing me that when they had first ventured into the kitchen the light was on. One of the zombies was a giant toad that was sensitive to the bright light. It had flicked its tongue out and smashed the light globe, electrocuting itself in the process.

I stayed at the top of the stairs shining my light around looking at them all. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen my dog Charlie for a while and I instantly suspected that she had been devoured. I was anxiously running through the house calling her name as reality filtered in.

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