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In the early hours of the morning I found myself watering the garden in our back yard. I observed with satisfaction that some of the patches of dirt in the lawn had begun to grow fresh new grass.

I moved further down the yard and found that someone had piled topsoil onto a couple of indents in the lawn in an attempt to level the ground. It had been piled too high leaving large mounds of bare soil.

As I moved further down the yard I discovered that someone had also piled topsoil into some of the garden beds. The soil was now at head height, with only the tip of the banana tree poking out.

I looked around and saw that as well as the great mounds of soil, the yard had been filed with piles of second hand clothes and books.

As I weaved my way through the labyrinth of dirt, clothes and books the hose became caught and I was unable to get water to the plants at the bottom of the garden.


Hardcore Porn Sitcom

This morning I found myself in a dream in which I was watching a television sitcom, however it was not clear whether I was watching it on a television or sitting in the live studio audience.

The star of the show was a famous footballer with slick black hair and a cheesy grin. He was a transsexual, he continued to identify himself as male despite having female genitalia.

The show consisted of him participating in hard core sexual acts with his trans-gender guests. In the episode I was observing, he was locked into mutual oral sex with a woman with a large penis. He lay on his back with his legs spread for the audience while she squatted over his face with her penis in his mouth. The camera honed in on the comical expressions on his face as he struggled to suck on the large penis.

When she got up and walked off stage, he stumbled to his feet and pulled a large, semen covered, banana out of his throat. The crowd burst into raucous laughter.


I was sitting at a table with a group of people from university. One of whom was a girl who I have sat next to numerous times but still do not know her name. It has reached the point now where asking her name would probably seem ridiculous, so instead I avoid the issue. She was sitting beside a girlfriend of hers who I had never seen. There was a boy named Mathew who was very familiar to me, my cousin’s ex-boyfriend Scott was also present.

Due to the fact that few people at the table knew each other, someone suggested that we play the introduction game where each person in turn states their name and reveals something about themselves.

The mystery girl from university declared her name to be Scout, and revealed that she was adopted. Her friend sourly revealed her name to be something like ‘Nadir’, however I cannot be certain. She then stated that she came from a family of fifteen children.

I revealed my name but evaded the task of laying bare some other secret about myself. Scout made strongly disapproving noises about my reluctance.

Scott then piped in with his name and began talking about how he was studying molecular biology with me and really enjoying it. He went on to confess that he had previously attempted studying computing several times and had difficulty getting enthused about the subject matter. Reality drifted in during this confession.