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Never Empty

This morning I woke from a dream in which I was drinking continuously from a glass of water that was always full.


Schweine Grippe

This afternoon I was shopping for some items of food for my sick girlfriend. I was picking up some bread rolls to have with soup from the dispensers at the back of Rewe on Turmstrasse in Berlin. I was picking the bread rolls out one at a time using my hand, rather than the tongs provided by the store (which are virtually useless). A large, ugly, scruffy looking German man stood towering over his little girlfriend beside me and he began aggressively spluttering out insults, that were clearly aimed at me. The only key phrase I can remember was Schweine Grippe (swine flu). I chose to ignore him and turned to walk away. He took this very badly, raised his arm and elbowed me in the chest. I walked away and and stood in front of the wall of salami. He wandered past me and glared, I stared blankly back at him wondering if I should take his photo for my blog.