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Show Business

This morning we were standing on the traffic island in Manhattan waiting to cross the street and drink out morning coffee. An old guy with wispy long white hair and a three day growth rode past us on a scooter traveling the wrong way up Broadway avenue. He was wearing old jeans, sandals and a baggy red basketball t-shirt, and his face was brown and deeply creased with wrinkles. As he passed us he looked me in the eye and loudly exclaimed “show business people are all miserable bastards.” he paused for effect and then finished with “Have a nice day”.

I am not sure if he mistook me for Brad Pitt, or if he just had a bad meeting with his agent.

The Art of Begging

We arrived in New York and stopped to eat some takeaway in a place near Penn station. We were sitting upstairs and a tall beggar came around asking for money, I told him I had no change, which happened to be the truth. He snarled at me and said something indecipherable. He asked several other people who also refused him. He then exploded into a rage and began abusing everyone in the restaurant. He oscillated wildly between outright insults and lecturing us on how Jesus would judge us for our unwillingness to help him. He burned out quickly and stormed out of the room. God bless America.