The Social Network

Last night I found myself in an alternate universe in which I was living in a college share house with my old colleagues Mark and Nathan. It looked a little like the dormitory from The Social Network, but neither of those guys look (or act) like Zuckerberg. We were having a long geeky discussion on the merits of php. I think this component of the dream was inspired by the quote I read from Eben Moglen that facebook is just “some PHP doodads”. I am kind of freaked out though, that my subconscious wove together these themes and then stuck Mark and Nathan in there.

Anyway. The evening in this alternate universe passed with drinking and geeky discussions and the dream segued to morning. I awoke to discover that the bastards had conspired to get up before me and eat all the good breakfast stuff. As I woke up (in this universe) I was still peering into a fridge full of half eaten meals, and grumbling to myself about the fact that they never left me enough space for my stuff.

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