Last night I found myself caught up in a dangerous intrigue. My girlfriend and I were working on some form of industrial espionage
job. We were tracking down a source of information, and found ourselves in a large glass skyscraper looking for the next clue. I was
waiting in the lobby for my baby to finish her work, when I realized she was in trouble, she had been betrayed by my old friend Tim.

The dream then segued into a scene in which we had caught Tim and his colleagues. There were three of them; Tim, a blonde woman and an
Indian man. We had them tied up in the courtyard of a beach house. My girlfriend was measuring the shapes of their heads with a complicated device. This information was somehow needed to solve the next stage of the puzzle. I was livid, and I warned them that if they tried to interfere with our investigation I would cause them unimaginable pain. When I looked away the blonde woman wriggled across and kicked some plugs out of the machine. I walked into the beach house and returned with a hammer. I then proceeded to smash her bottom jaw into a pulp.

I awoke feeling very strange.

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