Artificial Stupidity

It seems that in the near future our cars will drive themselves as Google becomes an AI company. It may be true, they have made available their machine learning API for the world, and this year they are hosting the Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence. So perhaps the world will soon be populated by hyper intelligent Google objects.

Of course, this quest to makes everything smarter leaves open the largely untapped market of Algorithms for Artificial Stupidity (AS). Given that by definition half of the population live below the mean, we need robust research into AS to replace all occupations. For example, we need our driver-less cars need to occasionally run red lights so the artificial police-bots don’t get too rusted up sitting around waiting for action.

Only when the full gamut of human professions are replaced will be able to relax and eat potato chips as our driver-less cars take us between Hard Rock cafe and Disneyland franchises.

  1. The history of human society is a history increasing use of tools. We are cybernauts.

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