Gliese 581g declares War of the Worlds

People of Earth prepare yourselves for the first intergalactic war. The government of Gliese 581g has responded to strongly to our manifest disregard for interplanetary diplomacy, and we have only ourselves to blame. In a very short time we have unwittingly foisted upon them a metaphysical crisis of immense proportions, and the citizens of Gliese 581g have responded.

How warmly we welcomed them when we discovered their rocky little planet circling a distant red dwarf. They had begun preparing an envoy to set sail across the vast distance between our worlds, and present us some of their culinary delicacies and to exchange precious gifts. Just two weeks later we were beginning to deny the existence of their pleasant little home world. Now, we have even begun listening to the claims of aBayesian Statistician that the probability of their non existence is 99.9978. Not even Schroedinger’s cat has to deal with such terrible odds.

And so our improbable neighbors have replaced their peace envoy with their unlikely warships, and are at this moment speeding toward our blue green home. To our advantage the journey will take them more than 20.5 years (under the presumption that they are traveling at sub light speeds). Hopefully, this will give our astronomers and mathematicians enough time to irrevocably demonstrate their non existence. Otherwise we will find ourselves engaged in battle with an enemy we are still not even certain exists.

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