Business in Hong Kong Airport

A woman dressed in an elaborate red coat with an old white hat covered in pink flowers gave me a 20 hong kong dollars and a sheet of paper with a Chinese business letter. She then proceeded to give me a spiel about how I could teach in her school for boys. Also, that her company would sell containers for me, or buy milk and eggs. I told her I was not going to be in hong kong very long, she said that is ok, take the money and buy a drink. She gave me a phone number scribbled on a piece of paper and once again let me know that she can buy and sell containers of goods or get milk and eggs. Then she wandered away.

She came wandering back ten minutes later and sat down at the next table. She watched the TV for a while and turned to me. She informed that if I came with another tall handsome white man (her words, not mine), then I could earn double money for my performances. This was apparently due to easter demand. She stated that I could make one thousand Hong Kong dollars a day performing with another tall handsome white man. I am not sure what this performance would involve, but I suspect that a thousand dollars is below my usual rate. But who knows, if you are in Hong Kong over Easter look out for my debut performance.

    • Hongbo
    • April 1st, 2011

    I recommend Joan, another tall handsome white man (if he shaves).

    • Hongbo,

      Can you convince Maciej to teach Joan some of his fancy colored ball tricks. I think it could enhance the performance, and I don’t want to end up dancing with him.

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