The lunatic is on the grass

I just walked past an elderly gentleman wandering through the car park in his pajamas. His wife was bent over happily feeding the local stray cats something that looked like sauerkraut. I suspect that some levels of our building are being used as a home for the mentally ill. This could explain why the security guards seem more concerned with who comes out of the building than who is going in. Although, I still can’t fathom how it is that they couldn’t tell me where the local police station was, I guess their uniforms are authoritative enough to ward off any serious crime.

If the building doesn’t offer respite to the mentally challenged, then I must be an unwitting participant in a secret psychological experiment being conducted on foreigners. This would explain the statistically improbable number of random things that have broken or disappeared in the last two weeks, and the feeling that whenever I look out the window the security guards are looking straight at me. I just can’t find the hidden cameras.

    • Maciek
    • April 28th, 2011

    At first I though that’s just another dream story. But on the other hand, nothing will surprise me after our Mad Hatter Tea Parties (or Thursday Group Meetings). For the last two hours I was trying really hard to wake up… but, apparently, it’s all some kind of twisted reality. At least, I’m pretty sure that no one conducts any experiments here.

    • Joan
    • April 28th, 2011

    Wait, this is the building you are currently living to?
    I thought you had a nice, expensive and centric apartment …

    • We do have a nice apartment that is reasonably central. Most nice apartment blocks have security guards. While the apartment itself is well constructed the furniture inside it has reached retirement age. I fell through the center of my chair last week, and one of the legs on the kitchen table fell off. Also the clasp that holds the washing machine water hose on came undone and flooded a large portion of the apartment.

    • Malte Lichtner
    • May 6th, 2011

    Thanks John for your reports, it’s always nice to learn about foreign cultures. Hate to bring that to you, but the whole surveillance thing you seem to encounter at your place, it might be in fact you being foreign, it also might be your face. Always looked a little suspecious to me… Anyway, great to hear you’re alright (and alive). Looking forward to hear more from this place far, far away :).

    • You could be right Malte. I saw the pajama guy outside the gate yesterday, so he is not under particularly heavy observation.

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