Meet the Parents

My girlfriend’s parents arrived from the south of China today. I am being forced to use my malformed Chinese continuously, which is great for my memory. Her father speaks the most slow and clear Chinese I have ever heard, so I am going to learn a great deal from him. He is a very relaxed and happy guy, so much so that he is already walking around the apartment in his underwear.

We just got back from the supermarket, where we bought supplies for the week so they can show me the traditional dishes from their region. At the checkout, her father beat me to the punch in getting his money out. So I had to wait until we were home to thrust a handful of cash into his palm. He then preceded to chase me around the apartment trying to give it back to me, thankfully he still had his pants on at this time.

Her mother is busy rearranging things in the kitchen. She is talking most of the time, I think she is complaining about our dismal array of utensils. I may soon be sent out on another shopping trip.

    • Hongbo
    • May 10th, 2011

    how about your meal? paste some photos, please.
    and tell us how your stomach feels after the spicy meals 🙂

  1. Hongbo, The meal was great, suancaiyu, which is my new favorite dish. We regularly go to a little Szechwan restaurant around the corner, the laoban is friendly and the food is great. So I have eaten so much spicy food that I cannot feel my tongue.

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