Dead fat things

Chinese is the first language I have encountered in which there is a colloquial expression that is both an insult and a term of endearment. The expression translates as “dead fat thing”, and although it is an unpleasant thing to call someone it is also commonly used by Chinese girls to refer to their boyfriends. This alternative use is restricted to to the ladies, the men are not allowed to use it in return. This is a remarkable achievement by the women of China.

For comparison consider the attempt by African American men to have the terms bitch and ho accepted as terms of endearment for their lady friends. One could say that within the limited scope of gangster rap stars, their female companions of low self esteem have accepted these terms. However, I believe that in general these terms have not found widespread acceptance.

Chinese women are obviously capable of considerable feats of social engineering. This is something I should be concerned about.

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