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The Good Old Days

Have you noticed how some people (particularly the elderly) love to begin their diatribes of opinion with platitudes about how things are getting worse, how people are losing their values, we are surrounded by moral decay, and so on and so forth. For some reason these expressions get replicated by every generation, they go unquestioned in our daily conversations. It is as if we have all accepted the cultural premise that somewhere in the past there was a utopia that has been slipping away from us ever since. This elevation of the past is present in most political ideologies. It is most obvious in conservatives who morn the ending of the clean and pure social perfection achieved in the 1950s. However, green and left wing people are just as likely to make utterances in support of ancient hunter gather societies and their apparent nurturing of mother earth and all her children.

Let’s get one thing straight people. The past is mostly a horrible, sickly, place full of amoral people doing whatever the hell the could to survive. What little morality existed, was mostly imposed on them by self-serving delusional religious tyrants, who did so for their own gains. The present day level of human conscious interest in taking care of other people and the world around us is a luxury we have only been able to afford since the vast majority of people in the developed world became rich and educated. The world is a better place to live now, for most people, than it ever has been.

A Poem

Ahh the good old days,
when racism was acceptable and women couldn’t vote,
and you could go out bashing poofters on the weekend,
everyone thought that was pretty funny.

Ahh the good old days


Self Confidence

Overheard conversation on a train.

“I am just sayin mate, that you have to be careful showing to much confidence in yourself. You know, when someone knows how good the are it rubs of badly on some people.”

“I’m not like that mate.”

“Nahh look mate, you’re not listening. You are, ok. It’s just how you are. Look I don’t mind hanging out with ya. But not everyone likes how you know how good you are.”

“I’m just confident mate, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well, not everyone is like that, ok”