Self Confidence

Overheard conversation on a train.

“I am just sayin mate, that you have to be careful showing to much confidence in yourself. You know, when someone knows how good the are it rubs of badly on some people.”

“I’m not like that mate.”

“Nahh look mate, you’re not listening. You are, ok. It’s just how you are. Look I don’t mind hanging out with ya. But not everyone likes how you know how good you are.”

“I’m just confident mate, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well, not everyone is like that, ok”

  1. I actually know what he’s trying to say. Over-confidence can go down badly if the person is percieved as low-status in a social group that emphasizes hierarchy.

    For instance if he was a rookie in a macho kind of workplace with well-establishd top dogs, and strutting around like he was important… that would cause friction. It’s quite situation specific advice, but it’s likely that the advice giver knew what he was talking about.

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