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Cartoon Dog

I was inside a small store that specialized in pop culture collectibles like comics, toys and videos. I was agonizing over whether I should purchase a video about a cartoon dog that I was obsessed with. The video was a forty minute tape that came with a bonus coat hanger with small furry effigies of the dog on either end. I was discussing the video with the person at the counter, who eventually convinced me to buy it.


Uncontrollable Urges

This morning I found myself inside a large government building, riddled with corridors, rooms and staircases. I was involved in an activity of a vaguely illegitimate nature, but I can’t remember the details. I was moving through the building carefully, keeping a close eye on who was around me.

Deep into the building I entered a toilet block and locked myself in a cubicle. The separators between the cubicles were low enough that you could see over them when standing. As I was preparing to leave a young woman came in the room and went into the cubicle next to mine. I saw her beginning to undress and averted my eyes. Yet I loitered until she had finished and was pulling her pants back up. I left the cubicle and she walked out as well, she still had her pants hanging loosely exposing her large bottom. I was mesmerized by the shape of her body as she backed toward me smiling over her shoulder. I was aware of an intense conflict inside me, as I struggled to overcome my urge to touch her. As she drew near me I relinquished control over myself and allowed my hands to explore her bottom.